Thursday, January 24, 2013

52 Books 52 Weeks - New Additions from our Readers

A Variety of Choices:  Mystery, Classic, Fantasy, Contemporary, Thriller & Holiday! 


Anonymous said...

Breed by Chase Novak

Acouple want a child. They will do anything to have one. Sometimes you can go to far, though
I thought this was an excellent novel. I kept asking myself, what makes us human ? I'm still not sure, but i'd definately recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore that question. -jaclyn

Under The Dome by Stephen King

What would happen if you could put a town under a dome? With Stephen King answering this question, nothing good, that for sure! The twists and turns are classic King. A great book! -jaclyn

Katherine Van Leeuwen, Assistant Director said...

This somehow fell off my tbr list--it's good to know you enjoyed it! And classic King, he never ceases to amaze those who love his books!