Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Latest in the Lincoln Rhyme series and it didn't disappoint. Raised some interesting questions about being disabled along with the mystery/suspense story." - Marie

by Jeffery Deaver

"An explosion at a Manhattan electrical power substation that destroys a bus--followed by threats of much worse violence unless Algonquin Consolidated Power and Light meets virtually impossible demands-sparks Deaver's sterling ninth Lincoln Rhyme novel (after The Broken Window). Forensic expert Rhyme takes charge of looking into the fatal blast, aided by his partner and sometime lover, field agent Amelia Sachs, among others.....The twin investigations take an increasingly dangerous toll on quadriplegic Rhyme's precarious physical health. Not even the brilliant Rhyme can foresee the shocking twists the case will take in this electrically charged thriller."
~ Publisher's Weekly

Friday, June 25, 2010


From the author of Where the River Ends, comes this page-turning story of love and survival. On a stormy winter night, two strangers wait for a flight at the Salt Lake City airport. Ashley Knox is an attractive, successful writer, who is flying East for her much anticipated wedding. Dr. Ben Payne has just wrapped up a medical conference and is also eager to get back East for a slate of surgeries he has scheduled for the following day. When the last outgoing flight is cancelled due to a broken de-icer and a forthcoming storm, Ben finds a charter plane that can take him around the storm and drop him in Denver to catch a connection. And when the pilot says the single engine prop plane can fit one more, if barely, Ben offers the seat to Ashley knowing that she needs to get back just as urgently. And then the unthinkable happens. The pilot has a heart attack mid-flight and the plane crashes into the High Uintas Wilderness-- one of the largest stretches of harsh and remote land in the United States.

Check this out for summer reading!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: A Novel by Stieg Larsson

Have you been caught up in the trilogy by the late Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson? The final book has just been released (unless there's more lurking on his laptop) and it's not to be missed. But these books must be read in order, so if you want to get immersed in some of the best storytelling around, reserve a copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and lose yourself in this series that NY Times Book reviewer David Kamp calls utterly addicting and meet two of the most interesting characters on fiction pages today: "a fearless middle-aged journalist named Mikael Blomkvist, who publishes an Expo-like magazine called Millennium, and a slight, sullen, socially maladjusted, tech-savvy young goth named Lisbeth Salander, the “girl” of the books’ titles, who, in addition to her dragon tattoo, possesses extraordinary hacking abilities and a twisted, complicated past. "

Book 'Em! Our mystery discussion group at The Brookfield Library will discuss The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on August 30.

'Water Your Mind: Read' is The Brookfield Library's Adult Summer Reading Program for 2010 for ages 17 and older.

Come join the fun this summer as The Brookfield Library helps you "Water Your Mind." Read some of your favorite books, find a new author, or read books you wouldn't normally choose. Just for signing up for adult summer reading, you'll receive a book mark and seed packet for summer growing (while supplies last).

There will be prize drawings for various activities that include:

- Reading three adult books

- Reading one book and writing a review for our blog

- Completing a library bingo game

- Submitting a photograph of you reading a book while on vacation or on a staycation

There will be a grand prize drawing for all adult (17+) participants. Water Your Mind will be held from June 15 - August 6. Registration packets will be available on Tuesday, June 21st. Prizes have been generously provided by The Friends of The Brookfield Library.